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Grow your disaster recovery business with PlanITDR by creating actionable DR plans within minutes.

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Set yourself apart from other MSPs selling the exact same premium products you are.

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Remove the guesswork from disaster recovery planning & testing and do it right the first time.

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Being MSP’s, we know that creating disaster recovery plans can be complicated and cumbersome at times. We found ourselves thinking “there has to be an easier and more efficient way!” While efficiency, accuracy and ultimately compliance may have been the jumping off point, our solution is so much more than that. PlanITDR is about showing you how to make more money from every disaster recovery sale you make and even the ones you’ve already made.

How do we make that happen you might ask? We’ve built an entire Datto Top 10 business around BUDR only! No other managed services. The secret sauce – our DR plan!

Let us show you how to create an entirely new profit center for your business.

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As an MSP we're always looking for ways to add value for our clients. Adding PlanITDR to our stack of tools was a no brainer . We win more deals and it doesn't cost us a ton of money. You guys should be charging more for this

Patty Krieger, Owner, Netrix IT

The feedback across our entire customer base has been 100% positive. Our customers are very diverse, across many industries and every one of them felt this is a must have deliverable.

Andrew Carey, Founder, Shift IT Soluitons

We just signed up for PlanITDR, finally a system that makes creating disaster recovery plans easy. We have already ran 5 disaster recovery plans on this platform and our clients are loving them. It steps up our backup and DR solution a notch. I would recommend PlanITDR to any Datto partner, just go to www.planitdr.com and signup for a one on one demo. We did it and signed up for their service right after the demo. This is another great value add to separate you from the competition out there.

Mike Jann, VP Client Experience Medicus