(1) DRaaS Monitoring Key Metrics
Before selling Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), having your monitoring solution in place first is key. This system should be configured to your monitoring standards that you and your technical staff have put in place. There are plenty of monitoring tools that should integrate into your backup solution. Below are a few key metric points to think about.
a. Morning Checks: First thing in the morning, you should be reviewing your backup ticket queue from the previous night for any failed backups issues. This gives you a chance to fix those issues before getting your day started.
b. Daily alerts: I know it’s nearly impossible to monitor every single client and their servers for backup issue. This is where manage by exception comes in. Listed below are just a few ideas that you might want to consider when developing your monitoring system.
1. Backup ticket queue
2. Hardware alerts
3. Disk full issues
4. Failed backups
5. Backups taking too long
6. Offsite replication
c. Evening Checks: Before wrapping up for the evening, make a once through in your backup ticket queue for any failed backups that need your attention before leaving for the night.
Check back tomorrow for step 2: RTO and RPO

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