How will I be billed?

Adept Managed Continuity is a monthly subscription with no contracts.  Your credit card will be billed monthly.  We do have an annual prepayment discount available.

Are there setup fees?

No. We never charge for a setup fee.

What is an Admin User?

An admin user has full access to your companies subscription.  This includes credit card info, logo, user creation, etc.

What is a Data Source?

Initially we will only have integration with Datto for our primary data source.  Over time, we will be adding integrations with other backup vendors so that you can create DR plans for many different backup systems in our ecosystem.

What is a user?

Users are people that login to our platform and create DR plans.

What are customers?

Customers are your clients that have your backup systems in place. (Typically, a backup server that holds your client’s backups, a Datto appliance for example).

What does Unlimited Servers mean?

No cap on the amount of servers you can document.

What are Standard Templates?

Our standard templates are what DR plans are created from.  We’ve built great standard templates that will have you creating concise, professional DR plans in no time.

What are Custom Templates?

If you want something other than the Standard Templates, no problem, you can create your own from scratch.  Don’t worry your servers still will be automatically imported into the custom templates!

What is Phone & Email Support?

Send us an email or call us and we will help you out…guaranteed!

What is the DR Test Wizard?

This is our patented system that will walk you through step by step testing your clients DR plan, documenting it along the way and certifying the results.  (GAME CHANGER)