This might be one of the most important parts when selling to your clients. RTO and RPO is all about backup and recovery. You must work with the client to understand their tolerance to downtime first. Then start breaking down how much it will cost them if they are down. Datto has a great RTO/RPO calculator that you should be using in your sales pitch. I will link their calculator at the bottom of this blog.
  1. RTO defined as Recovery Time Objective. This is the focus on your client’s tolerance to how long their servers can be down.

  2. RPO defined as Recovery Point Objective. This is the focus on data and your client’s tolerance to how much data they can lose.

What’s the differences between RTO and RPO?
The biggest difference between these metrics is their purpose. RTO is usually big picture of your client’s whole business and their systems involved. RPO focuses just on data and your client’s overall resilience to losing it.
While there are differences between both RTO and RPO, you should consider both metrics when looking to develop an effective backup and disaster recovery solution for your client.

Datto’s downtime calculator:

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