Let’s face it, backup and DR is a part of your MSP practice, but have you ever thought to create it as its own offering called DRaaS? As we sell our services to customers we talk about what we will do for them and oh yeah, we tell them backups are included. I guess this is good enough to win over the client, but what if there was a better way through a DRaaS offering to show the customer you are more professional and better at what you do than your competitor. DRaaS should be the lead in to any MSP sales strategy. With the rapid growth of Ransomware, it is important to show your customers that protecting their data is the most important part of your MSP practice.

I owned an MSP for 10 years before selling it to start ThinkGard a DRaaS only MSP and a top 10 Datto partner. We converted over all our clients to Datto and completely changed our sales strategy to lead in with our DRaaS offering instead of supporting hardware. This made a big difference in closing more deals faster. We didn’t just talk about backup, we showed them our process from implementation to data management though our DRaaS offerings. The part that stood out to them more than anything else was the DR plan that we brought along as an example. Not only did that plan prove to them we could back up their data, but it was written, tangible evidence that instructed them how to recover faster resulting in less downtime for their company by using our processes.

Ok you might be say by now, “I know how to recover files and servers in my sleep so why spend the money on another tool like PlanITDR”? Great question and the answer is very simple. It’s really not about you. It about the customer and protecting their data. It’s about them being able to sleep a little better at night. Isn’t that why you purchased a backup solution for your customer in the first place? You are showing them the roadmap to protecting their data, this simple strategy will have them confident in your ability to protect them. Implementing this sales process won us more deals and higher profit margins. Are you starting to get the picture now?

It’s not your technical ability to retrieve data that should be selling your disaster recovery services, It’s the ability to offer them more than your competitors. Giving them a documented process increases their trust and confidence that you know how to protect their data, their most important asset, better than anyone else. This is our secret to success.

Here is a simple ROI chart showing how you can make money creating a DRaaS offering using PlanITDR. Remember these are low numbers. I’m sure you will be able to charge more as we do.

  • PlanITDR Subscription: $49.00 per month (Basic Plan)
  • Clients: 20 Datto Appliances
  • Additional MRR: $50.00 * 20 clients = $1000.00 per month
  • Profit: $1000.00 – $49.00 = $951.00 monthly (That’s a 95% profit)

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